Roy Stedall-Humphryes

Roy Stedall-Humphryes

is a writer of historical fiction.

Whilst researching into the lives  of engineers and craftsmen who constructed the great castles of the British Isles, the author came across the name, Robert de Bellême, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury. The author's fascination for this Norman nobleman soon turned to indignation as he felt the Bellême family had been much maligned and so he was compelled to search for the truth. The result, the writing of the

Bellême series of novels.

Medieval chroniclers recording events of their time could not

but reflect the views of the reigning monarch.

This is the delemma  facing historians today.

As a writer of historical novels,

I attempt not only to tell a good story but strive to unravel that data

and seek the truth.

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Three Book BELLÊME series