Following the Norman conquest of 1066, this land together with a farmhouse was given to

Walter de d’Evere, one of the Conqueror’s followers.

About two hundred years later In 1270, a descendant, William De Havere converted that same farmhouse into a fortified manor house with a massive stone built fortified gatehouse, walled bailey and quadrangular moat.

The new owners, the Bullen family c.1500 added a comfortable Tudor house inside the walled bailey.

In 1903, the castle was bought by the American, William Waldorf Astor. Employing the services of the architect, F. L. Person, Astor lavished huge sums of money in restoring the stone castle itself and, to the rear of the castle, creating a Tudor styled village, gardens and lake.

Much of what we see today is due to William Waldorf Astor’s imagination.

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