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    Whilst researching into the engineers and craftsmen who constructed the great castles of the British Isles, at the British Library in London, I came across the name

   After leaving art college, where I studied typography, graphic design and also photography under the celebrated film director Ken Russell, I continued my graphic design studies privately with Franta Belsky the noted Czech sculptor and his wife Margaret, a political cartoonist and illustrator.

   Having worked for several years in advertising I moved on towards magazine and newspaper journalism.

   During this period I worked closely with boxing promoter, Michael Barrett, designing his brochures and producing a fine collection of photographic images of the major boxing events.


   Medieval history has always fascinated me especially castles. These historical fortresses inspired me to photograph the castles of England and Wales. Ken Russell's creative influence still pervades my photographic style today.

  Robert de Bellême and was so fascinated by this Norman nobleman that I felt the story of Bellême and his family had to be told. The result has been the writing of the Bellême series of novels; 'BELLÊME The Norman Warrior' published in October 2013 and its sequel 'NEMESIS In Pursuit of Justice,' published in September 2014. A further novel is being written and will be published in the Autumn of 2015.

   Spain has also held a fascination for me in all its forms from Medieval Castles to Wine, Food, Customs and Music.

   A selection of these photographs can be seen on my

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